Date: Sun Nov 28 10:35:09 1999
From: "Chris Bogart"
Subject: Re: Epoxy Remover
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To All

        I did a quick search of the Internet and here some info that may be
of interest. The stuff is widely distributed
in the jewelry business to dissolve epoxy - may be just the trick to get off
an errant ferrule - may have a double wammy 
if you used epoxy to glue the strips together. 

        As for safety I found the following bit of info: 

        Epoxies do also have one other distinct advantage, in that they can
be disassembled with relative ease. Use "Attack"
solvent, also made by Hughes. Watch out for the fumes though- it's volatile
stuff, and extremely toxic.

        For sources here are two but there probably many other - I have used
FDJ for Silver solder before: to FDJ Tool
 to Olympic Mountain Gems Inc page

        Best address I could find is:

               Hughes Associates
                 Victoria, MN 55386
                free catalogue


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From: Landeens
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 18:51:02 -0800

I stayed up till 1:00 working on a 2pc rod a couple of days ago and discovered
in the morning that I had epoxied the male and 
female ferrules on the wrong blanks. I talked to a local jeweler and he gave
me a can of solvent called ATTACK.  It is 
specifically made for dissolving epoxy and polyester resins without hurting
wood or metal. I put both ends of the blank in the 
stuff and in 5 minutes both ferrules pulled right off just using my hand. As
far as I can tell there was no damage to the blank. I 
had used Devcon 2 Ton epoxy. The can gives the following address to buy it.
Hughes Associates, Wayzata, MN 55391. I 
also used it to remove a seat from a wooden insert and it worked great. Just
thought some of you might want to know.