Date: Mon Aug 17 0:00:00 1998
Subject: Re: 2 tips
>From from Mon Aug 17 15:48:41 1998
; Tue, 18 Aug 1998 08:48:32 +1200
I have in my collection a two piece English rod , Walker Brampton , whichhas
two tips , one of weight 6 and the other weight 7 .If anyone is interested I
can run a measure over it . The maker is a middlequality production
rodmaker and I must confess I have not cast thisparticular rod . I am not in
my workshop at the moment but fromrecollectionit is an 8 foot rod .
At 02:52 PM 17/08/98 EDT, you wrote:
I make two tips for most of my rods. I like the extra insuranceagainst a
ruined trip if one should break. True, as others have I like the concept,
though. A 3 piece backpacking rod with two tips,and two mid sections, fitting
together to make different length rods. 
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