>From Tony Young  30 May 1998

Some of you may be interested in heat treating (I make a joke, no?) 
A little while back I mentioned heat treating cane using my kitchen oven.
My rods are nodeless and I heat treat by sawing the cane between the 
nodes, splitting, turning on the oven and getting it to temp, placing 
the cane strips on a tray and heating @ 200 centigrade for 20-25 mins.
When I mentioned this the first time it was suggested 200c was too high 
for 20 mins and my electric oven thermastat may be faulty. I figured the 
rest of the appliances in my house are faulty to some extent so why not 
the oven too, what ever the true temp it works for me, but it's bothered 
me not knowing sort of like wondering *exactly* when does the fridge 
light switch off.  
Anyhow a friend who works at a laboritory brought around a digital high temp

thermometer and tested the oven. 
The results are the oven rises to 212c then switches off and the temp falls

to 188c then back to 212c etc etc, which makes the avg temp 200c.
The colour of the cane after 20 min is med honey, 25 mins dark honey, 30 
mins treacle and smoking.


Tony Young
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