Date: Sat Dec 30 9:41:07 2000
Subject: wet fly taper
For those who asked, here are the remaining details. The tip guides are all

.187 high, the mid guides are all .220. All are English pattern, typical of

Thomas until about 1930. The stripper is an Agate, with a .140 ID.
The handle is all cork ring and cap 8 1/2" long, in a "superfine" type shape.

The seat area is 3" long, .700 diameter. The grip then tapers up to a .950 
diameter 2 1/2" behind the winding check, then tapers down to the diameter of

the check.
The check has a built in hookkeeper ring, and is really nifty. I wish these

were available somewhere. It's about .390 OD, .187 wide, and has been 
slightly "hexed" to fit the blank. A small eye holds the hookkeeper ring. It

is so tiny, and so well done, that I first thought the eye was part of the 
ring. There is no evidence of solder at all. Upon looking very closely, it 
now appears that the eye is formed from a wire drilled through the middle of

the band, and bent forward to make the loop. It must be fastened on the 
band's ID somehow, I guess with solder. So no windings are necessary for a 
hookkeeper, a very neat and simple way to go.